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It is not over because a Debtor Files Bankruptcy

You have received a notice that the Debtor has filed Bankruptcy.  What do you do?  Close your file?  Write the Debt off?  Not necessarily.

The debt may still be collectible

With our help,knowledge and experience you can do more than just minimize loss in Chapter7, 11 and 13 bankruptcies.  We will examine each debtor's case and manage the bankruptcy process to protect your interests in pursuing maximum recovery.  We have a comprehensive understanding of bankruptcy laws and procedures. We are directly involved in the bankruptcy process. We have earned the reputation for being aggressive, professional and honest, and as a result can often resolve matters without filing motions or engaging in lengthy proceedings. Our approach leads to success in obtaining a high number of reaffirmation agreements and voluntary surrenders of collateral. It also enables us to more effectively and efficiently process matters where fraud may be present. 

We can help in the following areas:

Chapter 7

  • Attend 341 First Meetings
  • Prepare Motions for Relief From Stay & Abandonments
  • Prepare Proof of Claim
  • Reaffirmation Agreements
  • Defense to Redemption Actions

Chapter 11

  • Prepare Proof of Claim
  • Preference Defense
  • Obtain Adequate Protection Orders
  • Review disclosure Statements & Plans for Objections

Chapter 13

  • File Proof of Claim
  • File Objections to Confirmation
  • Review Plan Treatment
  • Monitor Cases for Payments, Discharge & Dismissals
  • Prepare Motions for Relief From Stay


Aggressive and Effective Representation

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