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Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

In the beginning

Much of our work came from the referral of business from various collection agencies.  We began representing these agencies when very few people knew about the FDCPA.  At a time when few actions were brought against an agency unless the actions were appalling .

Times have changed

FDCPA violations are raised to stop the legitimate collection of debt. Google FDCPA and defense attorney and you will see pages of sites.  Each competes for a debtor’s attention with the promise of debt relief.

Our expertise.

Our expertise in FDCPA cases is lengthy, having been involved in the defense of these cases since shorty after the inception of the Act. We possess extensive experience representing collection agencies in actions including claims of negligent collection procedures, intentional misconduct, and violation of the FDCPA and Fair Credit Reporting 


James S. Nowak is a member of the American Collectors Association (ACA) and an attorney member (MAP attorney). Since the early 1980's we have represented collection agencies and lenders in FDCPA claims, and we have defended  cases in the State and Federal Court in Ohio and Michigan alleging violations of the Truth in Lending Act, and involving FICO scores, along with definitions of interest and penalties under state and federal law.

Litigation Costs

We understand the tremendous economic pressure in an ever-increasing competitive economy, the costs of litigating cases is a factor which needs to be controlled in an effective manner. The recognized need of cost-containment.  We work to find creative ways to reduce the costs of discovery, trial preparation and trial. It is our goal to effectively use technology to better manage lawsuits and to bring cases to trial earlier and more cost effectively.

Aggressive and Effective Representation

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